Water Filters

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The Aquaversa - This below the sink unit uses the same filter as the aquadome and filters out all of your pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals but looks good doing it! At $429.95, it is a little pricier but gives you more counter space. This unit is designed for homeowners and semi-permanent residents. It has a drinking spout that you install into your sink counter and an inline water filter. Click Here to Purchase!
The Wriggle - This is a portable , On the Go water filtering system that you can take anywhere! The cost is $49.95 and filters 30 gallons. It uses the same Carbon Block Filter technology that eliminates pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals from your water. Click Here to purchase!
The Aquadome - This is the best value at $259.95, the filter lasts a year and has a capacity of filtering 750 gallons. It is an above the counter water filter, which is great if you are renting or plan to be moving around frequently. The only drawback is it can take up some counter space, but it is completely worth it! The water tastes amazing and you can be 100% sure that all of your toxins/pesticides/heavy metals are filtered out of your water but it still leaves in the natural minerals that your body needs! Click Here to purchase!

We proudly offer the finest water filters available at an affordable price. Multipure Water Filters are the original Carbon Block Water Filter, which is the only type of water filter that  removes Herbicides, Pesticides, Heavy Metals, Volatile Organic Chemicals from your water. This is a game changer! Taste the difference!