Anthony Jones is an experienced architectural photographer. His work is all about attention to detail, everything has to be right from the lighting, to the colour, to the composition.


 Each image has to tell its own story. Spaces are described architecturally and details are all about the joy of the design and quality of the materials. He has an unerring eye for what works and what doesn't and knows how to achieve it. Living all across 4 continents during his lifetime, got him the privilege to see the most spectacular forms of human engeneering.

Pest Control Missoula MT
Missoula Pest Control








One of Missoula‚Äôs most common wildlife in city limits is the Eastern Fox Squirrel. It is the largest squirrel in North America and is an invasive species. It is distinguishable by its greyish coat with a reddish underside. This squirrel has displaced our native squirrel populations, preys on our native bird species and can be quite a difficult pest problem to tackle once they get in our homes. People generally notice they have squirrels in their home during their breeding season when the young pups are old enough to run around.

There are many other nuisance wildlife that can become pest issues, such as birds, native squirrels and pack rats.


Control Method


1.  Thorough evaluation of home or property and identify entry points and species.
2.  Create a customized trapping program to rid your home of any pests
3.  Seal up all entry points with permanent pest proofing solutions