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Missoula Pest Control
Missoula Pest Control
Missoula Pest Control - Snow Bowl
Missoula Pest Control - Carpenter Ants

Josh McCloud was born to do Pest Control, literally! His family has been involved in Pest Control since 1904 and his family business is still going today - McCloud Services based out of Chicago is the 32nd largest Pest Control company in the United States. His father, Phil, ran the business for over 30 years and sold his share to his brother, Chris. Phil now serves as a mentor and guide to Josh in his business while running an Aquatic Weed Control company in Chicago.


Josh's background and experience is second to none! He has serviced zoos, schools, grocery Stores, UPS Airports, homes, apartments, universities, national companies such as Starbucks, Target, Walmart distribution centers, factory egg farms, food production facilities, prisons, police stations, high rise office buildings, baseball stadiums, boats and many more.



About the owner - My name is Josh McCloud and I have 7 years of experience in the pest management industry. I am a 5th generation pest control technician and I was trained by the 35th largest pest control company in the country. I currently reside in the beautiful city of Missoula with my wife Ilana, our son Liam and our soon to be daughter.

Our Commitment to you - Over the course of my career in the pest managment industry, I have learned the dangers of pesticide effects on people of all ages. My services will gurantee the exclusion of traditional or synthetic pesticides in your home or business, the use of effective insecticides that are safe for missoula's water table  and I will always be honest with you. My commitment to you, is providing you with the same safe and effective treatments that I would provide for my family.

Why Organic? Why us?


With a structural background using every kind of chemical imaginable, he started to question the safety of pesticides after his first child was born. His drive and high standards led him to formulating an organic pest control strategy that has not only achieved the same results as chemical applications, but they are actually superior in duration, safety and effectiveness. Organic Pest Control requires a higher understanding of pest biology and species identification. It is simply not a spray and pray strategy but a holistic approach to solving your pest issues.





Missoula Pest Control
Missoula Pest Control


When you Choose HoldFast, you are choosing our dedication, morals, ethics and experience to provide you with the ultimate pest control experience.



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